Isn’t it ironic…?

Alanis Morisette (Did you know, incidentally, that she started her career as a hairspray pop idol who went by the single name “Alanis”?) doesn’t know what “ironic” means.  Or, at least, she didn’t when she wrote the song.  She almost certainly does now, given that people probably routinely walk up to her and tell her, on the assumption that she would welcome the gentle correction.  I can only imagine how many well-meaning fans have been beaten by her bodyguards and left naked in a dumpster over that error in judgement.  That’s certainly not a mistake I’ll ever make again.

But, yes, irony.  Well, there you have it: this is my first-ever blog post.  The problem, with blogs, is that everyone has one.  They are much like tattoos, in that what was once cutting-edge and trendy in a hipster, counter-culturally sort of way has become so common as to be mundane, boring, and vaguely sheep-like.

Everyone has an opinion.  Blogs allow anyone to express that opinion to the world.  Everyone thinks that his or her own opinion is more valid, important, or relevant than everyone else’s.  Therefore, everyone has a blog.  The only holdouts tend to be people like me, who resist blog culture mostly for the hipster, counter-cultural credibility that comes from disengaging from the mainstream and asserting intellectual and cultural independence.  And, just like hipsters, we try so hard to resist nonchalantly, indifferently, dispassionately, that the end result reeks of trying too hard to not try, and the whole façade collapses.

But, then, if I’m actually asserting my cultural independence by blogging, in an independent, almost retaliatory gesture against the increasingly-mainstream culture of affected uninterest that characterises the intentional act of non-blogging (Un-blogging?  Non-bloggery?), how is it ironic that I’m starting a blog?

Because, I’m mainstream.  Shockingly so.  This blog represents more an act of boredom and inevitability than one of either conformity or rebellion.  The irony is that I’m perfectly aware of the layers of cultural baggage that accompany the decision to start a blog, but I’m ignoring them because I can’t be bothered to think it through.  When it comes right down to it, I ignore a lot of things for that reason.  It is, fairly conclusively, a character flaw.

So, I undertake this blog mostly because I have the same urge towards commentary as everyone else.  It will be interesting to see how long I can keep this up.  Probably not long — video games have done terrible things to my attention span.

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