It’s dark out already?

Okay, it’s 5:20pm, and it’s dark out.  The sun is down; when I look outside my window, it is night time.

That’s not cool.

A few weeks ago we changed the clocks, “fell back” as they say.  At the time it seemed nice to get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.

But now, it starts getting dark before five o’clock.  People are leaving work, and it’s dark outside.  That darkness is an evil monkey pointing right at the nose of people who think that they still have part of their day left when work ends.

Tell me again why it’s important to have extra light in the morning?  I’ve personally never even seen that extra hour of daytime, because like all civilised people I sleep through dawn.  But, even for the poor fools who have to get up early, how does extra light on the way to work help them if it means that they go home at night in the dark?

It seems I’ve lost an hour of my day because a farmer needs his bedside clock to read 5:30 instead of 6:30 when he wakes up at dawn.  Not cool.

You hear that, secret government tribunals that make decisions about the minutiae of our lives?  Not cool.

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