Vive le Scattergories!

So, I’m about to head off to a game night.  In striking contrast to the parties of my post from several days ago, this is not (or at least is enormously unlikely to be) one of those game nights.

I like game nights.  It’s a chance to sit around with a bunch of my friends, and drink a little too much wine, and eat a bunch of snacks, and play table games.  And, yes, I’m aware that game nights are what middle-aged married couples do, and that as young people we should really be off dancing and boozing and humping and whatnot.  But, game nights are fun.  It’s socially acceptable (if not exactly encouraged) for a person my age to play video games all day long, so why am I not allowed to play table games?

(And, obviously I’m allowed to play table games.  But, I mean in a social and cultural sense, or somesuch.)

To be perfectly honest, I’m there mostly for the food, followed closely by the drinking.  Oh, and also for the company I guess, if they don’t distract me too much while I eat.  But still, table games have this stigma attached to them if you’re not very young or very married.  Maybe there’s something “simple” about them, that makes them inappropriate for people who should be able to find something more interesting to do with their time?  I dunno.  Again, I’m struck by how video games just make a person go “Tsk, boys and their toys,” but a table game makes people say, “Why would you even own that?”

I think the stigma stems from the idea that table games are just an excuse to get people together.  No one really craves a rousing go at Monopoly, but it’s always fun to get together with three friends to hang out and pursue some mindless activity.  It’s really not much different from drinking games, which people seem to play only because no one wants to say, “Let’s sit around and talk and drink until everything is hilarious and we have trouble standing up.”  Table games are kind of the same thing, but perhaps with an end goal that is a little less wobbly (although, probably not that much less).

At any rate, I’m going to be back home not too late, full of snacks and wine, and generally feeling good.  If table games are a part of me reaching that point, then I’m perfectly happy with it.  I kick ass at Scattergories anyway.


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