Missed opportunities

This evening, my dinner companion accidentally dumped a not-inconsiderable amount of ice-cream in my lap.  It was cold.

You’d think that this would lead to one of those sexy, “Oh, you have ice-cream all over your lap; let me wipe that off for you, very slowly” moments.  But, no.  All she said was, “Oops, sorry.  Wow, you should go home and change pants.  I’ll wait for you here.”

Whoever is doing the writing for life has no sense of contextual appropriateness.

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One Comment on “Missed opportunities”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Wait, she said “I’ll wait for you here?” Did you change your pants and go back for her? You totally could have guilted her into going on a date with you (and if you were me, you could have have made some really inappropriate sexual jokes regarding how she moistened your crotch).

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