Purple is the new orange

The first time I watched this video, I didn’t guess the correct answer; I was as confounded as Cookie Monster.  This embarrasses me, and I still feel Kermit’s palsied indignation weighing on my soul.  There might be no one in the world I would less like to disappoint.

Cookie Monster’s logic isn’t exactly unreasonable, however. Maybe it’s the result of the artificial sensations in our modern lifestyles, or perhaps the cause is simple semantic drift, but the happy synesthesia linking colours, tastes, and objects has fragmented and mutated.

Yesterday, I asked some first-graders what flavour grape candy is.  The answer?  Purple.

And, I agree with them.  Grape candy isn’t grape-flavoured.  I would argue that most grape juice isn’t either.  Go eat a grape, then pop a Jolly Rancher in your mouth; they aren’t even close.  Most food products with grapes on the packaging are actually purple-flavoured.

Cookie Monster wasn’t slow or stupid to miss what was in the box from the clues he was given.  Rather, Cookie Monster represents a dissociative sensibility in which the contextuality of a simpler time has been surpassed by our contemporary sense of diversity and variety.  In rejecting the associations of the past, Cookie Monster is the modern zeitgeist

Although, he was just plain wrong about it being a cookie.

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