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Take that, bus!

September 17, 2010

So, I’m waiting for the bus a few hours ago.  It’s mid-afternoon, and students from both the local high school and the nearby university campus are crowded around the stop.  It’s a busy time of day, and the buses are standing-room only.  I’m thinking that this was a stupid time to bring a half-dozen heavy grocery bags on the bus, but then I’ve never been clever about that sort of thing.

(It was also a stupid time of day to bring an entire TV table on the bus, but I did that yesterday)

(Don’t ask; I just really wanted a new TV table)

So, a bus comes, and big family — a mom and a bunch of teen-ish kids — all try to board.  The driver stops the first one of them, a big burly guy, and says, “Sorry, you can’t bring ice-cream cones on the bus.”  They’ve each got a big, fresh cone from a place right by the bus stand.

Now, to be honest, I’d think it’s common sense not to bring an ice-cream cone on public transit.  I’ve seen drivers be varying degrees of lenient about food, but an ice-cream cone on a city bus just seems especially like an invitation for airborne dairy products, especially when the bus is standing-room only.  But, you, know, maybe these folks just weren’t thinking about it.

So what does the guy do?

He gets off the bus, and takes his ice-cream cone and smears it over the front window.

Take that, bus!

Now, I’m watching this and thinking, “Dude, little kids do that with food.  You just had a tantrum against a vehicle.”  And, I thought about saying it.  This guy was bigger than I am, and clearly in a foul mood, but I really felt like letting him know that he looked like a big crying baby.  In hindsight, I really wish I’d said something, instead of just standing there idly watching.

Meanwhile, one of the other kids is moving to clean up the mess, and her mother is telling her not to.  “No, don’t clean that up.” “Come on, mama, it’s a mess.”  After a few moments, the daughter steps up and wipes the ice-cream off the bus window with some napkins.

So, what did I just see?  A big dude showing no common sense had a tantrum when he was told he couldn’t bring big sloppy food on a crowded bus.  A grown woman thought his tantrum was a great idea.  Her teenage daughter, I think probably the youngest of the bunch, realised how ridiculous it all was and made some effort to clean the mess.

I don’t know whether I’m mostly disappointed that adults can be such children, or happy to see a child be such an adult.

The first thing I did when I got home was eat a pint of ice-cream.